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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get a claim number?
Claim numbers are issued by the insurance company at the time you report your accident. Just write it down and bring it with you when you come in to begin the repair process. We will do the rest.

How long will my vehicle take to repair?
Many factors go into the length of the repair. Most repairs will take under one week but some vehicles that have a lot of damage may take up to 30 days to repair. Our experienced staff will make every effort to get your vehicle repaired in a timely manner. From bumper replacement to roll-over vehicles, you can rest assured that your vehicle is repaired correctly. When we complete an estimate on your vehicle, we will be able to establish the amount of time it will take to repair your vehicle. And, while your vehicle is being repaired, we can set up a rental car so you won't be without transportation.

How do I care for my newly painted vehicle?
Minimal care is required to maintain the shine of your newly painted vehicle.
◦Do not wax your vehicle for 90 days
◦Use only car wash soap to clean your new paint finish
◦Do not apply magnetic signs, protective bras, decals, or stickers to the new paint finish for 90 days
◦Only hand-wash or use a touch-less machine wash for the first 90 days
◦If any bird droppings or tree sap get on the new paint, try to wash it off as quickly as possible to avoid any markings

Is there a charge for obtaining an estimate from Sandrock Auto Body?
No. We provide a free estimate for all customers. These estimates are done by highly qualified individuals using the most up to date computer estimating system available. As the owner of a motor vehicle damaged in an accident, you have the right to choose the shop where you wish to have your vehicle repaired. This is the law.

Does Sandrock Auto Body repair vehicles from insurance estimates?
Yes. We do the repairs per the insurance estimate so that if there is a problem with any parts the adjuster located, such as it being damaged during shipping or not available, we can contact that adjuster and make them aware.

What if damages are found that are not listed on the estimate?
This damage is known as “hidden damage” and once found, the insurance company and/or customer are notified as to the nature of the damage and the cost of the repair to be performed.

Does Sandrock Auto Body supply rental or loaner cars?
During this time, loss of transportation is solely the responsibility of the party or insurance company accepting liability for your loss or damages. We do not provide loaner or rental vehicles, but would be happy to set one up if you have an insurance claim number. Or, we can put you in contact with the appropriate companies who can. We pledge to provide quality repairs to your vehicle as quickly as possible. We can only estimate the time your vehicle will take to complete; however, situations may occur delaying the delivery date. Examples of this are: supplemental or hidden damage, additional parts needing to be ordered and insurance approvals.